Saturday, March 04, 2006

Day 23. This afternoon my digital camera hit 10,000 photos and has now gone back to 0001. How cool is that!!
Yesterday we had the biggest snowfall in living memory INCLUDING the living memory of people who have lived through more European winters than me. The airport closed, traffic banked up for 100s of KMs in all directions. Today there was no fall, but the ground cover was starting to melt. Kind of like a big sign after a drama as the water drips and runs, the colours and shapes of the everyday re-emerge and take their usual prominence.

We did get invited for dinner as well as coffee and cake. I used to love the quote from Shirley MacLaine "there is very little of which I am unaware", but I can't help thinking how absolutely untrue it is. As I watched my extended family of inlaws, the complexities of their histories and interactions. Its slightly mind numbing to know that these lives have gone on absolutely without my knowledge and yet have profoundly shaped my experience. I wonder who else is out there doing, saying and being things which will at some unexpected future point absolutely change my life in some way.


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