Thursday, September 07, 2006

Day 204: Gawd ducks vis ain arff doin my ead in. Because I got behind with my daily postings and posted 9 entries at once last time and now I'm ashamed to say 14 in one go, the Blogger programme thinks I am a spammer so have installed a verification system I have to fill out before I can post, unlike the one I can turn off for comments. They will only remove it when a "human person" logs on and views the blog to verify its a roolly trooly blog.

But hey, nice to find out there are a few other people watching the blog, that the community is a bit bigger than I thought. Will have to spend more time doing the blog again and let the shop take care of itself. Did I mention the shop? Still no sales to the general public but it makes no never mind. I think the horrifying thing about this blog is not that it reveals me as a lazy chocoholic who has not lost any weight, but that it shows me as quite an impatient person, which I hadn't really acknowledged before. "I want everything, and I want it now!"

The code for Day 204 is qyrfmcv.


Blogger Elaine said...

Am I not the general public? Where do I belong then?

12:05 pm  

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