Sunday, March 19, 2006

Day 38.
6.30am, Sunday. Could there be a more unnatural time of day to be awake? Not for puppies who have "held on" for hours and hours. Managed to get myself back to the gym, so quite pleased with that effort. We only got two cakes this weekend, so that was a bit of restraint reinforced!

Apparently some people get fat sucked out of their bums and injected into their lips. I wonder if you can do it the other way? As I rode to the gym today I realized sadly that I still have no bum, despite all attempts. The eternal questions remain (well they would do, being eternal): How could I have been poor for so long and still be so fat? And having been so fat for so long, how can it be I still have no discernible bum? Nice lips though.


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