Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Day 221: Eine Hausfrau's work is never done!
Now I'll have to concentrate more as the number of posts isn't the same as the days, but what the hey. At least i won't be rated a spammer in my own blog world, and come the big trip to Oz, it may make things a lot easier. I wonder what happens when I'm zipping over the dateline?

Day 220.

Day 219: Same shirt and almost same pose as Day 198 (I think it was). Spooky. This used to be my favourite t shirt. I cost $5 at Woolies at Town Hall, I bought it one day when I had forgotten my clothes for gym when I worked in the city. The last year another red tshirt turned everything, well, red, and so I had to put most of my clothes through a rinse of colour remover. It certainly worked well with the old fave tshirt, ALL the colour was removed!


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