Saturday, December 09, 2006

Day 304: It's dark by 4.30 at the moment, or so it seems with the rain. How clever of us to train the dog not to go to the toilet in the back yard, so that on days like these we still need a trip to the woods!

Day 303: Just discovered this cool filter in Photoshop, it works even better when there is more contrast and more colours in the original, but I like it.

Day 302: Sick of being sick, here I am sleeping in my studio but it's all a big game of germy tennis and alas the ball is again in my court.

Day 301: It's Nikolaus! If you leave your red boots outside the door, Santa will knock on the door with his broom, then come inside. If you have been good, he gives you a present. If you have been naughty, you get smacked on the bum with the broom.
Should have done more homework, apparently.

Day 300.

Day 299: Poodle Paws in the background.


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