Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Day 54: An almost appropriation from EmDub's 'Perfect Life" series (www.michael-werner.com).
Blinky Bill has been waking me up at 6.30 on the dot without fail, but today I woke him up at 7.15. It was actually a rush to get everything done and ready for school, but the extra 45 minutes of sleep really added to my comprehension of German reflexive verbs. I can't honestly say 'Ich verliebe mich' (in sie), but if I could at least I would know what I meant!

There are some new literary awards now, for books published that started life as blogs. I wonder how people build up a cult following to their blogs...apart from 2 very near and dear friends, its a case of out of sight out of mind with most people I know and so far the general public seems less than fascinated with my antics.

If you are reading this, send me a message!


Blogger Elaine said...

I'm here! says a little voice from way down under. Wouldn't miss my daily fix.

1:15 pm  
Blogger photo a day 15til40 said...

Yay! thank you :-)

2:04 pm  

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