Friday, July 07, 2006

Day 148: Some sort of breakthrough with German sentence structures today, I probably still can't explain it all to someone else but at least I understood it at the time. If only every time I used the language things were highlighted in red, green or blue pencil (like the light up keyboards that flash the right notes when you are learning to play the organ), I would have less trouble. Of course that would also mean everyone speaking precisely like they do in my particular textbook which is also unlikely to eventuate unfortunately. Once I get the basics down it will be time to tackle the peculiarities of the local dialect. Yay.

Slightly cooler today thankfully, but up here on the top floor its still a few degrees above my comfort zone so probably won't tackle any painting today. Tonight we are going out for dinner, the father in law got a gift voucher for his birthday, and so its the ongoing dilemma of delicious vs healthy. Not that there isn't a middle ground, but you know... Of course the biggest dilemma is should we be eating Italian food at all, after the dastardly antics of Italy expelled first Australian and then Germany from the World Cup. Viva la France!!


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