Thursday, December 14, 2006

Day 309: Another timely confrontation of the terrible truth, probably I could only face it in the knowledge that I finally made it back to the gym and did a lot of walking today. When I was 17 my father installed a full length mirror in the bathroom and said "surely if you can see what you look like you'll do something about yourself". Seems to have backfired as I didn't look in any mirror for the following 15 years, kind of shocking even now to see what I do look like. Not a startling amount of progress really, not surprising this blog hasn't developed a cult following! Should have had more nudity. What is that you say?
Please God, no? Ok then!

Day 308: No tricks, this is what I really looked like. Shortly after this was taken I dreamed that half the people I know were getting beauty makeovers by the girls of the Playboy mansion... no more late night TV for me!

Day 307: Hard at work with the online german dictionary. Now we are learning how to use words in sentences where the word then creates a meaning for that context which is different from its actual literal meaning. I'm still trying to keep up with the actual literal meanings... could there be a more complicated and confounding system than the German grammer? I might go to the part of Africa where people just click their tongues.

Day 306: All of my sins arn't as numerous as all of my chins... but looking very adorable here ho ho.

Day 305: The birthday preparations.


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Hi thanks for stopping by and visiting Sydney!

Unfortunately the jacaranda bloom has been and gone, but you can visit it on a previous blog entry, here:


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