Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 440: We collected the new car today, Yay!! Its a very exciting event and really quite thrilling to have something new (and not to pay a fortune to repair something old!).

Its a strange feeling as this project draws to a close, I am pondering if and how it might evolve into something else. Needless to say as a motivating tool for weight loss its been at best a farce. A few nice portraits throughout but thats about it. Can't say I've learnt anything about myself except that when I don't get around to shaving I look worse than I thought. I have a lot more grey than I'd realised, especially on the face. My head is disproportinately large, although I knew that before. If it was a lot smaller my body with have rather spunky classical proportions but its drawfed by the enormous noggin. Yesterday I heard a saying from the Ukraine: If a man has no common sense by the time he's 20, he'll never have any. If a man has no family by the time he's 30, he'll never have any. If a man has no money by the time he's 40,,, yes, you can work out the horrific end. So please send cash in the next 14 days! Although it does say by the time he's 40, not AT the time he's 40 so maybe those couple of years as a moderately over paid publc servant will save the day when all is said and done!


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