Saturday, April 14, 2007

Day 429: A reasonably painful day of contemplation and reflection, realising that the things I miss about Sydney - relationships, intimacies, connections - for the most part no long exist or do so in very altered ways, to be honest 'diminished' is the word that comes to mind. If one thinks of 40 as a mid-point of life, I wonder what I have yet to achieve and experience. I wonder if the most significant events have already taken place... I wonder what will happen to us when we're old, who will do for us what we do for our elders?
If I take a coaching approach and decide that my goal for the day was to avoid the gym, gorge on chocolate, indulge in pointless wallowing, then I can give myself 100% and theoretically provide an experience of success upone which to model my future endeavours. Yay!


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