Friday, April 06, 2007

Day 421: Good news, I still lost half a KG this week despite subsisting on easter eggs and buns. Which reminds me I had intended to call yesterday's posting "check out my hot buns", so laugh now intead. ho ho ho... wait a minute, that's Christmas not Easter. Anyway, perfect weather here today which will make watching the hot air balloon race this evening very pleasant indeed.
There is a very cool blog called Sydney Daily Photo ( ) which is well worth a look, I think Sally the author works somewhere very near my old office in Centenial Plaza and often posts photos of my old haunts in the inner east and inner west. Todays post of a Darrell Lea chocolate shop is a great one, there is something magical about their baby mini easter eggs, which re-appear at Christmas as Christmas baubles. Nothing like sitting down to the very old historical or biblical movie on Good Friday afternoon with a packet of DL mini eggs, saving the Red Tulip egg for Sunday of course. Maybe my chocolate obsession will never end, I just have to counteract it rather than conquer it. I wonder if I should try to write a book about it and use it to my advantage!


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