Monday, April 02, 2007

Day 417: So its my 'dedicated painting day" and by 11.30 I have not painted anything, although I have unpacked the canvas, looked at it, photographed it, drawn some new charcoal lines on it, looked on the internet, written some emails, phoned my Mum. Seems we have found a reasonable flight deal for August although the flights seem very popular so probably its going to be another 30 hours in the cattle wagon.
I tried to find the April Fools articles in the SMH yesterday, first I thought all the carry on about Ian Thorpe was an April Fool, but it has gone on too long. Probably the article about how the Pyramids were built from the inside out was one though. The best one ever was that the new waitressess at Yum Cha restaurants in Chinatown would need to hang "L" plates on their trolley for a probationary period. I recall being absolutely outraged at this attack on dignity and then thinking "well, maybe it makes sense". My boss at the time couldn't have been more delighted by my reaction if he'd thought the whole thing up himself.

TIme to Paint! "I'm frightened by the devil, and I'm drawn to those ones who aint afraid"


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