Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day 412: Not exactly a self portrait, but at least it was my idea! We have some very beautiful sunsets here and I try very hard not to think about the connection between stunning sunsets and particles in the air from all the factories and industry in the region. Speaking of which, I rode past Dunlop (the biggest industry and employer in Hanau) and it smelled exactly like a new pair of Dunlop Volleys, which ironically you can't buy in Germany. Oh I remember in my day the old D.V.s were cheap and unfashionable, yet sturdy and reliable. In the past few years they became fashionable and so the price more than doubled.
I have to record for the whole world that yesterday I went on a 35km bike ride. Impressive don't you think? Slightly unsettling that the only after effects are in the knees, hopefully not a portent of things to come. I must say that the ice cream I had at the destination village, so the half way mark, was the most delicious and guilt free treat I have ever eaten!


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