Monday, March 26, 2007

DAY 410: Its curious how things turn out. In the middle of my little homesickness tizz I got some truly lovely affirmations from friends old and new, which really went down noice as they say in Fountain Lakes! Then more bizarre than one could imagine, today my inlaws came back from the supermarket with two wattle trees! Huh?? Yes, for some reason the supermarket here had a big display of Australian trees for sale (they survive in pots and need to come inside for the winter), and without knowing anything of my wistful mood NOR my deep love of wattle, they just saw "Australien" and grabbed a couple of pots. Apparently it was a bit of a scrum! Today was also warm enough for us to bring all the other plants out of the cellar and back into the garden until around November, so the world feels right again. If even ONE of the 75 verbs with prepositions I've translated today stays in my brain, I will be even more delighted. Actually if Jeanine gets evicted from Big Brother tonight, I will experience total contenment... did I just admit to watching Big Brother? Oh how the mighty have fallen (me, not her!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give your in-laws a great big hug from me! What a wonderful thoughtful thing to do.

Australia misses you too! Or at least my small part of it.

6:30 am  

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