Sunday, January 28, 2007

Day 354: What a week. Have been studying intensively for yesterdays German exam which left me well equipped to pass but more aware than ever of how much I have yet to learn. At least now the gramatic structure is a hazy distant logic rather than a mish mash of unpredictable surprises. On the health front, took the path of least resistance and resorted to the old study aid of Cadbury Dairy Milk, or in this case to be precise Ritter Alpen Milch (Knight brand Alpine Milk). Today you can see me trying to restrict my intake.

Went to a family funeral where the machinations and dramas were truly worthy of King Lear, although I'm not sure that there were any parties more sinned against than sinning. The widow, aka evil step mother, was the only one who visably enjoyed herself. Probably because she is half blind and couldn't see anyone else, is now very rich, and hardly anyone has spoken to her for years anyway so it was nothing new. We have inadvertantly been cut out of one person's family tree, but possibly we won't notice. When someone's husband is called "Stasi Boy", in all likelihood there is little love left to be lost at this late stage.

Anyway, on with the fun. No excuses to be back in the gym routine of daily visits. Its now probably around 15 weeks till the big four oh, and the end of this project. Looks like I won't be starting my 5th decade (ouch, that would have been better not committed to print!) with a spunky superfit body, nor a fascinating photojournal to flog. Probably have a nice bit of cake though....

Day 353: Through a glass darkly... didn't break it though!

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