Monday, January 01, 2007

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Day 327: New Year's Day. 2007. I can remember at age 7 or 8, Mum worked out that in the Year 2000 I would be 33 years old. I burst into tears, not at fear of aging, but at the enormity of time and the extent that things can and must change (putting a very grown up interpretation on it now). Today Y2K is ancient history, and for that matter so is the concept of 15 months till the big four oh! It is four months and 9 days now till the big four oh and becoming more oh my gawd every minute. I wonder if there is artisitic curiosity in a photo blog that shows how someone can maintain their weight at 20kg above what is desirable, for an entire 15 months? More value added if it's the 15 months leading up to their 40th birthday?
Anyway, its now afternoon on the first of January and I have not smoked, drunk alcohol, or done many other VERY bad things that people do. I have spoken to 2 people, one and a half of these conversations was in German. I have eaten one portion of fruit, and drunk much water. I WOULD have already gone to the gym, but the brief flash of sunshine that appeared in the morning rapidly turned into a freakish torrential rain storm so I am still at home. Blog done, homework begun.

Day 326: New Year's Eve. Looking dare I say it quite cool and neary swarthy! No doubt something like this will make my fans swoon when printed on the back cover of my cult novels...

Day 325: I've got one word to say to you Kimmie (not Kimi), Arty Farty. I hoped the camera would shoot me through the blue bottles, but alas not. Oh well. I look much the same today.

Day 324: At the new computer on the new computer desk! My new work station where marvelous things will happen, creativity wise. Meanwhile I am being a luddite again trying to navigate this new bloggger format. Why oh why can't things just stay the same, well at least the good things and or things I can work out!

Day 323: Happy Birthday Mum.


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