Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Day 314: The annual newsletter from Elaine's mother arrived this morning, so it must be Christmas after all. I missed out on my copy last year (until a protest saw one arrive in February), however this year I even feature within. Hopefully my ascension will continue in 2007!
Unfortunately I seem to have watched TV and developed square eyes. Hopefully all the other old wives tales arn't also true ... which reminds me, it's bad luck (according to OMA) to have washing on the line during the 12 days of Christmas. I wonder if she made it up so she didn't have to do any washing? Nevertheless, we will need to wash whatever is in the basket tomorrow or else it may not dry before the 25th and bring a curse upon our heads. On a more practical note, we must have nice clean clothes for NYE when we need to eat Sauerkraut at midnight to ensure we have enough money in the year to come.

Day 313: At the FFM Christmas Market. If there is anything that is truly 'UnAustralian', its a cold Christmas. Still magical though, I love it.

Day 312: Window shopping after carol singing. O du frohliche, O du selige, gnadenbringde Weihnachtsziet!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're lucky - I still haven't seen the Christmas letter and I am sure to be mentioned within it!


12:25 am  

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