Thursday, February 08, 2007

day 364: Here I am again, one week of being Florence Nightingale ( well, living up to her reputation at least, apparently the reality was something quite different) and one week of being the dying swan. Ahh the flu that comes back and forth like a tennis ball between us and the health giving qualities of having to go out in the rain and snow to take BB for his walk! Got to see some interesting telly though, my theory is that if you can't understand what a commercial is for, probably it's for tampons. All these women sleeping hanging upside down on trapezes above their beds...huh?? Yes, its in case their tampons fall out in the night, until they discover the new super size product. Another woman walks through the world while a carpet of flowers appears two steps ahead of her the whole time and men flirt with her as she laughs hysterically at crazy situations such as standing on an escalator... yes, she choose the right tampon and is now filled with confidence (so to speak).

Clearly I am losing interest in the project if the above discussion is any indication. Might as well keep on with it though, until the lights go out on May 10th, unless a path of flowers appears before my feet!

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