Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So, a month later I finally get organized and prepare the 35 overdue photos, and for some reason blogger won't recognize any of my files. Maybe a sign that I should be getting back to my german homework this evening and blog later. Meanwhile you will be pleased to know that 2 weeks after the health scare I have been RIGHT ON TRACK, losing weight at the healthy weight of around 1kg a week, zipping off to the gym 5 times a week and of course walking the poodle for an hour or so every day in any case. All this and have even been able to indulge in a few freddos which arrived as an early birthday present. Dear old Freddo, its one of life's great tragedies that Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate is the one and only taste of Australia that is as good as or better than I remember it. Everything else falls off the radar after a while, but with the Dairy Milk I'm back to square one with the first taste.... which I must admit is from the 7-11 convenience store in Singapore Airport. Speaking of which, I CAN buy Cadbury chocolate here, but its via the UK and has a very different taste. Ironically though, its actually produced in Singapore whereas the chocolate they actually sell in Singapore is made in Australia. Works for me never the less.
Perhaps this long disertation on Chocolate does not bode well for my future lifestyle choices!
Happy Birthday Dr D!


Blogger Elaine said...

So I guess Freddos should be crossed off the birthday present list then? Or maybe not?

9:59 am  

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