Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day 411: Conversations NOT to have in German, with a naked Greek Bodybuilder, while in the shower.

Yes my amazing linguistic prowess has marvelled not only me but others, yet again. Here is a conversation I had last night while having a shower at the gym after my workout. Its one of those big shower rooms without partitions, with a soap dispenser on the wall at the end. I'll give you the english version, its what was heard. Senf... Seife... who knew??

Shwarzeneggeresque Big Guy: Is there shampoo in there? (pointing to soap dispenser I had just used).
ME: No, I don't believe it is shampoo, I think it is only mustard in there.
SGB: Huh?
ME: No, I have forgotten the word. Shampoo is for hairs or not? Those word is for cleaning the skin. Excuse me, mustard is of course a food, for your little sausage.
SGB: (recoils slightly) My little sausage?
ME: Excuse me, my German is not so good. What is the word for it?
SGB: Are you from England?
ME: No, Australia.
SGB: Oh, Australia. I think its a very beautiful country, nicer than here. You should stay there.

At least I maintained my facial features, if not my dignity!


Blogger Elaine said...

I can be rude but I will stop myself now. My fingers are crossed that you don't offend anyone Schwarzenegger-like again (but when you do it is fun to read about it!)

Love the photo.

12:32 pm  

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