Sunday, April 01, 2007

Day 416: Well my prediction was wrong and I didn't wait until today to remember to post my blog photos. Didn't lose any weight this week, but dropped a cm which is much more important. Looks like I will be zipping back to AUS in July, so must stay on track until then, for vanity if nothing else!
We reached one of the years saddest, or maybe simply poignant moments this weekend. After Spring bursts in and the dead twigs start to fill with green buds, the tulips bloom, the birds sing, all is fresh... then comes the moment when the first flowers droop and die, the ground under the magnolia tree is a carpet of burnished withered petals. Time keeps moving, one can't sit back in complacency, we have to keep taking it all in and enjoying the brevity of each moment.
How I crave to be witty and popular this morning but alas not, I must stop mumbling here and do the washing up.

Day 415.


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