Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Day 419: Well here I am again. I found out today that I passed my last German exam with a good grade, although am yet to get the official results. I'm very excited about it really, I've never gone into an exam before with such a sense of how much I didn't know, and with so little certainty about what was needed or expected to get good marks. Anyway, yay me!

Yesterday we took the plunge and booked the flight to Sydney, the intensity of all the emotions really sent me into a spin (not a good day for the gym / chocolate balance all in all). I love the thought of being in Australia, but its painful imagining being away from home which is certainly here now. I have a childish sense of glee at being on 3 continents within a 28 hour time period, but feel nauseous at the thought of flying again. And on it goes. In any case, its an obligation that must be fullfilled and off I go. Have to try not to overdose on chocolated this time and hopefully there will be more flexibility with timing and I will get a day or so in Sydney to see people properly. I still cringe in horrified shame when I remember my dear friend KH struggling off to the train with baby, pram, AND my hand luggage that was too heavy to take with me without paying hundreds of dollars. And of course ES zipping up the coast to visit despite the arthritic joints and baby in tow. Not to mention BFDL, out at the airport at 6am and willing to do it again!
Yes, it will be nice to see people in a relaxed and happy way, at the non jetlag end of the trip too!

Oh, and I got some painting done too, so rather pleased with that achievement. The rough skeleton of the fourth and last piece in the Verticality series is in the background of today's photo. Yesterday's is quite nice too, or so I think! There was an amazing sunset where the sun was like a cut out bronze ball, and for a short time it was visible in reflection on the artwork in the kitchen. I was struggling to get both it and me in the same shot, and then of course all too quickly it was gone. Anyway, there is something a bit Wuthering Heights about Day 418 and this was possibly the one moment I wasn't eating comfort food and or biting my lip!

PS, the spell checker no longer works, so apologies in anticipation!

Day 418.


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