Saturday, April 07, 2007

Day 422: To be truthful, more acurately day 421 and 23/24ths but lets not nitpick at this late stoige. Here I am with kaleidescope eyes, watching a rather surreal event of 10 hot air balloons lighting their fires in time with various pieces of music. There is a balloon competition on in the nearby village of Ronnenburg this weekend and the step son of my cousin in law (and the court of King Caractacus) is one of the pilots. The balloons had to stay grounded and the sway and bob like huge jelly fish until its their turn to light the fire again and they seem to fill out and stand to attention. Quite fascinating. Also discovered there is a sport for people who have radio controlled hot air balloons, they are about 4m high and the fire is controlled by remote control. Someone has to hold on to it all with a rope so I'm still not clear on the exact point of it, but it looks pretty enough in the dark!


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