Monday, April 23, 2007

Day 436: A week on the tourist trail at the pace of a 17 year old, which I no longer am! Here I am in Sachsenhausen, one of the old town sections of Frankfurt. It used to be a really great area full of German restaurants and bars for applewine and saurkraut with schnitzel, now its Irish Pubs and Brazilian bars with pizza and doner kebab on the menu. Not on our tourist must see list any longer.

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Day 435: Outside Castle Ronneburg, which is quite beautiful and VERY old (not unlike my own good self!). This is also where we watched the hot air balloons at Easter

Dar 434: In the market place at Seligenstadt, a beautiful town on the river, built around an ancient abbey which has a spectacular walled garden and on Thursday the Brothers bake bread to a medieval recipe and you can line up and buy it straight out of the oven. All future visitors to us should expect the trek to Seligenstadt on a Thursday morning!

Day 433: Me on a Ferris Wheel at the Dippemesse. You can see I don't like heights, although I do love Ferris Wheels as long as they are moving and you arn't hanging wobbling stuck at the top. The Dippemesse is now a fun fair that takes place twice a year in Frankfurt, it has evolved from a crockery and cookware market that dates back to the middle ages, especially featuring the dippeware that originates in the Frankfurt region.

Day 432: Me in the baroque splendour of Schloss Phillipsrue, here in Hanau.


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