Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Day 55. Well, I got to the gym for my early morning, pre-food weigh in and lo and behold, still 97.5. I was expecting something like 81kg..... but alas not yet. Anyway, I'm not sure if I will be a regular for the early morning workout except for the occasional weigh in. I had thought maybe the place would be full of fit young professionals on their way to the office, but it was more like the set of Cocoon III: Return from Planet Lycra. I wonder why elderly people are always so theatrically cheerful when doing exercise, you almost expect Jeanette McDonald to sweep in and lead everyone in song. Oh well, there I've given myself away. Nobody under 60 should even know who Jeanette McDonald is, unless she is somehow related to Ronald.

Meanwhile, the European Spring is so spectacular, following the stark winter. In the past 24 hours Daffodils have suddenly bloomed all over the place, its absolutely magnificent. We must go for a walk in the forest and have a look at the emerging green before it takes over and we lose sight of the forest because of the trees!


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