Sunday, May 21, 2006

Day 101: Eurovision - we was robbed!

Yesterday we had the daughters of a cousin here, aged maybe 6 and 9, playing with Blinky. They have never had a pet so it was the first time they had played with a puppy. It was rather lovely watching their nervousness turn to confidence and the gurgling delight in their giggles as they let him lick their fingers. Apparently what impressed them most though was that Blinky understood English when I spoke to him, they found this amazing. When they told their father about it though he said "oh, and did he bark in English too?", to which they rolled their eyes and replied "No of course not Daddy, he only barks in German!".

Its interesting to me that life is now fuller than ever but so much more peaceful and less frantic. All the myriad of small connections and time fillers have fallen away and the large, important, (essential) relationships have taken their place. Its a very happy existence.


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