Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Day 97: At this time a year ago I was on a plane somewhere between Koala Lumper and Frankfurt. I would be happy knowing I was never going on a plane again to be absolutely honest, but probably the anticipation is worse than the actual event. I hope the predicted technology that will allow a 2 or 3 hour Australia / Europe flight will eventuate in my lifetime AND that I have enough money to afford it!

Did go to gym, have been having some interesting conversations there so that's a bonus. Seems its worth hanging out for one of the price specials, someone today was paying only 29€ a month, which is a lot less than my 49€ deal, which in turn is a lot less than the standard 65€ fee. Anyway, my deal goes until next June and when I take out November and add it on the end, its a long time till I have to worry about a new deal. Meanwhile, if I am to achieve the goal of this project I really have to smarten up my act, lift my game, get with the programme. There is a rather lovely saying in Germany : He wants to wee with the big dogs but he can't life his leg high enough! I don't want that to be the verdict passed on me come May 10 2007!


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