Sunday, May 07, 2006

Day 87: A rather spectacular Spring day, BB slept until 9.30, so I was rather glad to have missed the start of it. Homework finished, now time to plant some seedlings in the garden and take the pup for his frolic in the forest. Yesterday we saw a baby squirrel, so needing to keep as tight a hold as possible on the lead now.

I wonder what good yoghurt looks like. Compared to Australia the yoghurt here is a very vibrant colour most of the time. Is this because German yogurt is the authentic article and is full of colourful fruit while Australian yogurt is artifcially flavoured and contains now fruit, OR is Aussie yoghurt the real deal and the German version artificially coloured for effect?? "I can't believe that 'I can't believe its not butter', and the product I can't believe is not 'I can't believe its not butter', are not both in fact butter. I believe there is actually a lot more butter around than we think".

Today's photo is my version of liposuction. Instead of getting the outer edges reduced I've cut out the middle(man) and reduced outgoings in that manner. Also hides the fact that I woke up with my hair looking like Camilla Parker Bowles wedding headdress, so not the most lovely sight. Especially as have no time to worry about appearances when Blinky's call of nature takes me into the front yard without notice!


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