Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Day 83. Went to gym, but left my membership card at home so back I rode. Possibly could have managed to get inside, but the card also works as a key for the lockers and it was entirely too much work. Having made multiple trips between the cellar and the 2nd floor (or for any German readers the 3rd floor), plus an hour walking the dog in the forest, I felt I had exercised enough.

Here I am with the strange creature that has haunted the upstairs areas for many a year. I don't know why her knickers are permanently round her knees though. It is however better to keep her standing up as when she lies down her eyes roll backwards in a very disconcerting manner. She was heading to the bin I must admit, or at least the back of the cupboard. Then Michael's mother told us that she bought her when she was pregnant, as she had a feeling she was carrying a girl. So a lot of emotional history attached, and now she will find a place on display somewhere with her eyes open and her undies in their rightful place.

Meanwhile, my glimpse of paradise was but momentary. Just as I got my studio almost as it should be this afternoon, we found out some long lost relatives ( 17th cousins five times removed or something like that) are arriving tomorrow to go to the funeral on Friday. So it means everything that has now been plonked in what will shortly be the guest room, must now be put into my studio so they have somewhere to stay. Fortunately the old beds are still in the cellar, I think the cousins are too old to bunk down on the floor. So back up the stairs with the beds (yay), and back with the junk to my room (double yay), and so the yoyo continues its spin!


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