Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Day 76: Chest out stomach in. Weigh in postponed until tomorrow, as needed to be at home in the morning and off to the gym any minute now. The only disadvantage to losing weight is that it makes my head look increasingly disproportionately huge. It runs in the family, in that my brother and nephew also have large heads, but at least it gets disguised somewhat when the rest is bulky. At least the shoulders and getting a bit broader which must add something to the balance.
It has occurred to me many times over the past few years that the amount of interest I show in my body is closely akin to profound vanity, without the pride. If I was totally focused on health outcomes there are far more relevant benchmarks than the proportions of my head and the "shapliless*" of my bum!

Weeks and weeks later and still only 32 views of my profile. Could someone please look at it again just to make me feel special?

*Shapliless is NLP, its both factual in the present and programming me subconsciously towards shapeliness in the future.


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