Sunday, April 23, 2006

Day 73: This photo is more to show off the Cherry tree in full bloom, although there is some artistic benefit in recording the consequences of the Easter chocolate splurge which somehow still goes on. The tree was planted by Michael's grandfather in the first house they lived in, across the road from here. When this house was built the young tree was transplanted and is now taller than this three story house. When I look out the window when lying in bed, its all I can see. I'm fascinated with the history of it and the thread of continuity to past generations. Actually I am working on another daily photo project, with this tree as the subject. It was interesting enough (to me) recording the changes of the leaves falling off, but this being my first Spring in Germany, I didn't know that this amazing white blossom coverage would also be part of the deal.

Anyway, it is now EXACTLY 12 hours until my next German class begins, so time to start my holiday revision and homework schedule! At least I have found the books again under the pile of invaluable treasure that must be kept (my opinion, not anyone else's! Even the mother in law has been cheerfully ruthless in chucking things in the bin.)


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