Saturday, April 15, 2006

Day 65: A facial close up, mainly because I am wearing some combination of the same painting clothes from the past few days. The first room is almost finished, so by the end of the Easter weekend the second studio upstairs and the kitchen will be complete.

Its interesting, my friend Elaine and I have shared more information through our blogs than probably in the last 5 years (well with certain photos from this end, in the past 38 years!) put together. We could easily have sent the same information so dedicatedly through e-mails I guess, its a bit like having some childish spat where we only speak to each other through a third party, in this case "The World".
Tell her its raining here, so we didn't go on the picnic.
He said its raining there, so they didn't go on picnic.
Well tell him I've just written a new story and its been published.
She said she's just written a new story and its been published.
Well tell her Fine, I'm very happy about it.
He said Fine, he's very happy about it.

Why, in a country that spends half the day ringing church bells, do they have no hot crossed buns? WHY????????


Blogger Elaine said...

Tell him Happy Easter from me - and I'll have a hot cross bun for him.

1:17 am  
Blogger Elaine said...

Blogs are funny (peculiar that is). I'm sure you are not writing it for me, and I'm not writing mine for you, but we are finding out about our daily lives in a way we have never before. It is a bit like reading each other's diaries (only yours has pictures!) with permission.

1:19 am  

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