Sunday, April 09, 2006

Day 59: Looking a bit like Lady Sonya McMahon after a visit to Collette Dinigan's Photo Shop. I can't close my eyes or speak, but hey! I don't know who the Minnesota Vikings are, but this is my father in law's painting hat, and so it was duly worn for painting. I think if I had hair I would look 10 years younger than I do! At least in Germany crazy hair is nothing out of the ordinary, however I think I must soon get the sebaceous cyst on the top of my head seen to before people think I am attempting some tragic middle aged comb over. I have to face it I will never have a ponytail, unless they master some genetic re-engineering and we can pop a pill and reverse whatever ails us. I wonder if I shall live so long and be so rich as to afford such folly as new hair, I suspect I will have to celebrate my clowning glory as it is or was, wherever it may lie. Speaking of clowning glories, today at the gym I saw a guy take a break in his workout to re-style his hair. He was working out near me, then when I went to get showered he appeared in the change room, put some gel in his hair and blow dried it, then went back out to the workout area. Not quite as bizarre as the guy yesterday who arrived at the same time as me, but took the lift up one floor to the gym (don't want to get tired out by exercise before working out), and then wrapped his entire torso in cling wrap before getting on the step machine. Yes, I should be more concerned with my own peculiarities, but its the people watching that provides the icing on the cake (or works it off as the case may be).


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That hat does great things for you!

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