Saturday, April 22, 2006

Day 72. Another day actually too busy to fit in the gym, but fairly active and on the go so probably it balances out to some extend (but not quite, I suspect.)
Woke up to a dream come true, 146 emails in my inbox! Needless to say my joy was shortlived, some twerp had for some reason been creating emails from my name and sending dozens around the world, mostly to non existent addresses therefore filling my inbox with non deliverable / you have been blocked by spamguard messages. The strange thing is it must have taken them much more time to do it all (although I guess there is some programme that can do it should you wish to use it), than it took me to select all and delete. The ISP help desk told me which setting to change to prevent it happening again, or at least to prevent me receiving them. These emails could be going out hundreds at a time from now on but I'll never know about it. Oh well, perhaps it will lead some lucrative business to my home page?

A warm spring day, so back into the cord shorts and black t-shirt, my standard uniform. I think I like myself best in this look. All I need now is hair and a skateboard.
"Oh no Mrs D. I think you look great. I'd have to say you're definitely mutton dressed as lamb."
"Well thank you for noticing Sharon. I do try to make an effort."


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