Sunday, May 28, 2006

Day 108: Looking heavenwards for peace (of mind) on earth! Its now 10.45am and the brain is already an absolute mess. Didn't sleep well again, which doesn't help. If I wake up within an hour or so of falling asleep then I find it difficult to nod off again for hours and hours and hours. Not easy when we are still toilet training the super pup with a late night call and an early morning start.

That I've spent almost an hour already trying to do my German homework... I'm trying to stop having the thought that I will always speak this language like someone who has been dropped on their head. On one hand its great having some intellectual challenge, but on the other hand I don't know if its entirely healthy to be in a state of near constant confusion feeling stupid. How does it all work???? For example, we have the verb einkaufen, to shop. Or maybe the verb is simply kaufen? Either way, sometimes it becomes to kaufen something ein, at other times to einZUkaugen something. When the money is spent its einGEkauft, at least I'm sure of that much. Lets not even start on the verb to be pleased, when the translation becomes something like "i pleasure myself to walk in the sunshine", or words to that effect. I pleasure myself to stay in bed and eat chocolate until everyone else learns English.


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