Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Day 103: Feeling stressed about money. I wonder have I become hard wired to worry about money, am I just a realist, or is it a matter of frustration at being very restricted in how I can contribute in this non English speaking land? The dog has to go to the vet and now the car has broken down again with the same problem we paid $500 to have fixed just a few weeks ago. I need to fly back to Australia and enrol in the next round of German classes.

Does anyone need any coaching or know someone who does? I only need one wealthy client or 2 poor but enthusiastic ones, will work by phone which is harder at this end but the same results for the client. Please, don't be afraid to point the finger at your friends and tell them they could use some coaching, its not as if you are saying they are mentally unbalanced or anything!
www.bruce-long.com hint hint.

Oh well, at least God has blessed me with a through and through optimist for a partner and I'm learning to let it rub off on me. Someday soon I'll be sitting watching German TV understanding every word, lazily scratching my sixpack and having not a care in the world!


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