Sunday, July 09, 2006

Day 149: Last night we went to Frankfurt for the MuseumsUferFest, this year brought forward to coincide with the final weekend of the world cup. This photo is me taking shelter in the stall from one of the local 'australiana' stores during a very amazing torrential rain storm. It would have been fortuitous if I'd been inclined to purchase a A$5 tin of Milo for about $13 or an imitation anything else, naturally with kangaroo motif, for about 4 times the usual price. I must admit last year I did splash out on a $3 Cherry RIpe, but these days I don't have that same homesickness so wouldn't think of doing that again.
Anyway, after the rain cleared up, we were part of one of those amazing once in a lifetime experiences. Germany defeated Portugal to gain 3rd place in the World Cup and the city erupted. We got caught up in this moving parade of cars blowing their horns, hooning through the city. Everyone was waving at each other, flying flags, dancing on the back seats of cabriolets and chanting through the sunroofs. As many streets were closed off we had no choice but to go with the crowd on a tour of the city and blow our horn along with the rest. I have never experienced such a noise and such an energy, it was really a buzz.


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