Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day 159: A very nice day, scooted through my workplan and felt very satisfied with my progress. My younger brother is 37 today, and although a wise old woman (S.W.) once told me that he would probably grow up one day, as yet not really. On a family note, I have now been away from Australia and my parents for longer than ever before and its a strange feeling. My father has started telling me regularly that he misses me and is needing reassurance that I will actually be home soon. I would have been there now except for the necessity to be there when the baby (currently known as 'Football") is born in November. Its surprising and beautifully affirming to hear his words but at the same time painful and heart wrenching. This week in their town a car crashed into "The Reject Shop", which was quite dramatic... hope they fix it up before November or no-one will be getting any Christmas presents from us! :-)

It is curious to me that in Germany when you buy a can of, for example, fruit salad or mixed beans etc, the different ingredients are in layers, not premixed. As I try to fill my mind with philosophy, culture and challenging ideas this is what comes out!


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