Sunday, July 23, 2006

Day 164: Hopefully off to the gym first thing in the morning for a weigh in. In reality its a pointless exercise as my muscle v. fat ratio has doubtlessly changed as I have done very little weight lifting in the past 6 weeks. But who knows, maybe if the scales show a reduction I might get a bit of a psychological boost. At the moment I feel my eating is out of control, not from bingeing or conspicuous over indulgence, just making silly choices against all good sense and knowledge. I fear that at best on my return to Australia in October I shall look exactly the same as I did last December, certainly I fear I will look (be) bigger. There is not much visible evidence of someone who has been working out and dieting since January. All the stresses seem difficult to address in the short term, so I need 'only' to reinforce non food responses to this stress. Bada bing bada boom, problem solved!


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