Thursday, April 26, 2007

Day 441; A peaceful day so far, have done a lot of study and also more washing. Its strange how relaxing I find hanging out clothes, and how immensely satisfying it is to have everything clean and in the cupboard. I suspect it comes from the years I spent in a flat with a shared laundry. I knew I would hate it before I moved in, but there was no choice in the matter. As it turned out it was worse than I could have imagined. The laundry was an alcove next to the flat of the crazy woman, a drug addled prostitute who was very often beaten up by or beat up her drug addled boyfriend, who she had previously escaped from to a refuge and then invited him round as soon as the refuge found her a flat of her own. How I don't miss the 3am door bell calls of drunk guys she met in the pub and invited round for business purposes pressing the wrong button... ANYWAY! Its kind of scary doing the washing with people yelling and screaming, then hoping against hope there might be space on the clothes line. It happened about once a month that all was quiet in the laundry, the sun was shining and there was space on the line. I would do as many loads as necessary and hope for the best. But those days are long gone, and this glorious weather means the first thing you hang out is almost dry by the time you hang the last item out... then the mother in law scurries out and collects all the clothes and irons them (including socks and underpants!), and refuses to hand anything over until everything has been ironed at professional precision standard. Not such a bad life!


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