Monday, May 29, 2006

Day 109: The view from above, although the thought that God is watching us is a frightening one. Not only did we succumb to a junk food craving last night, we asked 'them downstairs' if they wanted any, knowing full well they would pay for ours. Lucky that it didn't backfire as we had no money. Oh well, there's nothing that gives her more pleasure than to feed us up, although I suspect (with all sincere respect) that its a bit like training the puppy, and any ongoing bad habits are somehow being reinforced by us, e.g. yesterday's performance.

Unfortunately my attempt to start writing the next great Australian novel (and channel my energies into creativity rather than moaning), came to a standstill rather rapidly. I was all set up with the lap top in my study, but was really too frustrated by the German keyboard to get very far. I am now a rather professional typist and its quite enjoyable to be able to think and formulate ideas without thinking too greatly about the keyboard. However when 'z' and 'y' are swapped, and there are extra keys for 'ä ü and ö where the apostrophes etc. usual are, its really huge distraction. I just need it to be a fun inspiring project, not another source of frustration. So I'll have to take up the challenge and be disciplined in the mornings when home alone and the computer is not engaged in its true vocation of making amazing artworks.

I think the spell check has just done something strange to the vowels with umlauts, anyway you get the drift.


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