Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day 110: I'm not sure if this photo is uninspired or simply lazy.

Started writing 'the book'. See, I'm trying to be ambitious and positive and call it the book rather the story. In some ways I think it's against my nature to do something that must eventuate within the process rather than know everything that happens before starting. Alas there is no new Harry Potter springing from my imagination fully formed, although the themes of preparation, external image and internal psychological reality are the lynch pins to the story.

Looks like I will be in Australia from about the 25th of October till the 25th of November. I guess part of me is looking forward to it, some strange sentimental part of me. Curious how that sentimental side reveals itself, this morning I had a very odd chain of thoughts: Took Blinky out for his toilet, had to find the spade to bury the outcome, started thinking about playing cards, reminded me of nights in the Christmas holidays playing 500 with my grandparents and great uncle and auntie, remembered that these solid rocks of childhood have all died now, acknowledged that this is still strange but no longer sad, felt time rushing away as the next generation rapidly expands, found spade, buried dog poo.


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