Friday, June 09, 2006

Day 120: Safely in the middle... of something.
Meanwhile the dog has just destroyed my new retro lamp, I was just planning how to keep the cord out of his range of interest but a few moments too late. For some reason he found it appealing right from the start. I suppose we will be able to replace the cord eventually, but a shame not to have everything as planned for the "grand tour" by rellos this weekend and the visitors next week. Oh well.

And more joy in German, not only are there 16 versions of "the", I now discover that 15 of them can also mean 'that', as in the washing machine is a device THAT washes clothes. Yay. I had wondered why there sometimes seem to be too many words in a sentence.

But now on with the fun! Today it's the rest of the shopping and baking the birthday Florentines.


Blogger Elaine said...

Obviously puppies like snazzy too.

11:52 am  

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