Sunday, June 04, 2006

Day 115: Sometimes less is more, there is something nicely emotive about this portrait although I don't think I am in any particularly powerful emotional state today that it accurately reflects. Guess that's why its art!

Pentecost Sunday, so pause for thought, especially as I read about a very disturbing new computer game where the fundamentalist Christians kill all non Christians and non-fundamentalist Christians from the planet to create the kingdom of God on Earth. I am hoping its all some sick joke somewhere along the line but actually feel too squeamish about it to investigate further.

On a happier note, today was the first occasion upon which the puppy lifted his leg to do a wee! Certainly a big milestone in the life of our family. His puppy fluff is slowly turning into the characteristic poodle curls, its starting on his back at the base of the tail and moving slowly over the rest of his body. We took him for a long walk in the park today and saw a restaurant called La Fattoria. Certainly it must mean something very appealing in Italian, but I can't imagine they have a very large English speaking clientele!


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