Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day 122: The Father in Law's birthday bash went off with a bang! I really enjoy cooking for a party, its been quite a few years since I've had the resources to do it and catering for this do with someone else paying was really fantastic. While my in laws bridge the language gap with food as a currency of affection, I do realize I do exactly the same thing. Still, everyone had a great time. Being in control of the menu also meant the choices were all very healthy and generally low fat.... well the 2kg of sausages per person was not so healthy, but the chicken breasts were a good option. At least everyone agreed that the large selection of pork steak could go to the freezer to be used next Saturday when we do it all again with friends from Oz and the U.S..

Being probably the most sentimental person alive, it was also a nice trip through past times, using a recipe I had learnt when I did a party for my mother's 60th birthday, using the egg separator that Lizzie threw in my Christmas stocking a couple of years ago, or the plastic container that Kirsten packed home made biscuits in another Christmas. I did bring crazy things like a few plastic boxes with me for this very reason, because on days like these they become some of the most important possessions in the world.


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