Friday, May 04, 2007

Day 449: In the incredible glow of sunset. The rain didn't eventuate, apart from a few spits. Just enough to get out of mowing the lawn though, so that was advantagous. The pumpkins have emerged and the first shoots are appearing in the bed of summer flowers, so I'm rather excited about activities in the garden at the moment. We also planted sunflowers, capsicum, carrots, corn, tomato, zuchini and cucumber today so by the time I come back from Aus we should be eating very delicious homegrown salad for the rest of summer.

A dear friend suggested that giving up chocolate for good would be a bit extreme for her, especially as she still had some delciious stuff in the cupboard from Easter. Hmmm, I'm not sure exactly how to fit the term "ipso facto" into a sentence, but when you still have chocolate in the cupboard from Easter, there is some level of self control which is admirable and healthy. When you don't have chocolate in the cupboard from TUESDAY... perhaps the options need to be more drastic!


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