Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day 281: Ich habe kein deutch lernen hier gemacht, aber ich weis es ich bin hier kein mehr zuhause.

Day 280. Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.
Before baby, clean bathroom, wash clothes. After baby, clean bathroom, wash clothes.

Day 279: Welcome Sophie Violet! You have made a difficult day delightful.

Day 278: Get back to your cell, Birdsworth.

Day 277: A spot of night photography, all arty farty like (and that).

Day 276: How I love these 4.45am wake up woofs. Dog toilet time again, and so begins another day.

Day 275: The Christmas bush is noice this year, early too.

Day 274: Epiphany - Let God be God.

Day 273: Oh my wordy lordy yes indeedy do dah day, Janelle. THAT's what you get for caring.

Day 272: In the laundry...again.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Day 271: Skinny Minny, the art deco Ninny.

Day 270.

Day 269: Noice.

Day 268: Back when the progress was still evident!

Day 267.

Day 266: Slip sliding away...

Day 265: The occassional perfect moment makes up for all the rest.

Day 264.

Day 263: These Birkenstock's were made for walkin'.... but where are the white socks? Caught in the culture warp between Australia and Germany!

Day 262: As predicted, spending my nights alone with the TV.

Day 261: At one of the most peaceful places I know.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Day 260: Not a natural nurse, by any means.

Day 259: When this battle is over, who will wear the crown?

Day 258: "bye bye Stevie, I got ya."

Day 257: Rain again, pretending to be swimming through a light dappled coral reef, while again drying clothes in the garage.

Day 256: Sun at last!

Day 255: 12 years of drought, and yet I can't get 12 hours of sunshine to dry the clothes.

Day 254: Cheerfullness long gone, focussing on compassion and non murderous thoughts.

Day 253.

Day 252: The old shadow self portrait trick, this time on One Mile Beach.

Day 251.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Day 250: At times I've felt my life was in these boxes, but its just old stuff. Some of it still special, but LIFE is something else entirely.

Day 249: Ready for the beach, theoretically.

Day 248: Return to OZ.

Day 247: Only in transit for 51 hours! It feels something like this.

Day 246: Just looking out of the window, watching the ashphalt grow...

Day 245: Me AND me: an exhibition(ist) at last!