Sunday, January 28, 2007

Day 354: What a week. Have been studying intensively for yesterdays German exam which left me well equipped to pass but more aware than ever of how much I have yet to learn. At least now the gramatic structure is a hazy distant logic rather than a mish mash of unpredictable surprises. On the health front, took the path of least resistance and resorted to the old study aid of Cadbury Dairy Milk, or in this case to be precise Ritter Alpen Milch (Knight brand Alpine Milk). Today you can see me trying to restrict my intake.

Went to a family funeral where the machinations and dramas were truly worthy of King Lear, although I'm not sure that there were any parties more sinned against than sinning. The widow, aka evil step mother, was the only one who visably enjoyed herself. Probably because she is half blind and couldn't see anyone else, is now very rich, and hardly anyone has spoken to her for years anyway so it was nothing new. We have inadvertantly been cut out of one person's family tree, but possibly we won't notice. When someone's husband is called "Stasi Boy", in all likelihood there is little love left to be lost at this late stage.

Anyway, on with the fun. No excuses to be back in the gym routine of daily visits. Its now probably around 15 weeks till the big four oh, and the end of this project. Looks like I won't be starting my 5th decade (ouch, that would have been better not committed to print!) with a spunky superfit body, nor a fascinating photojournal to flog. Probably have a nice bit of cake though....

Day 353: Through a glass darkly... didn't break it though!

Day 352.

Day 351.

Day 350.

Day 349.

Day 348.

Day 347.

Day 346.

Day 345.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day 344: We are in the middle of a "Code Red" hurricane warning here, some enormous storm is moving south from the Arctic, flooding towns and blowing semi trailers off bridges. I WOULD have gone to the gym today, but the police have asked everyone to stay inside unless they have emergency business to attend to elsewhere. All the kiddies have been sent home from school, and the dog ate my homework.

Day 343: Have you ever baked a birthday cake for a dog? Its really a nice thing to do.

Day 342: In the footsteps of Hildegard.

Day 341: A face like a fit is that.

Day 340: The world's cutest creature (and his poodle!) Oh how we laughed.

Day 339: Lernen Lernen Lernen.

Day 338: Den comes in first, then dem comes next both of dem, and des comes last.
Der Die Das Die
Den Die Das Die
Dem Der Dem Den(n)
Des(s) Der Des(s) Der.

Had forgotten until this week that some of the above "thes" can also mean "that" and or "who". Yay!

Day 337.

Day 336: Looking rather festive here, and confrontingly visceral. Yairs, these tracky daks have seen better days!

Day 335: Everybody sing, la la-la la-la LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Day 334.

Day 333: Feeling like a major boombah today, so hiding in the photoshop.

Day 332: How many times can a tv station show the same show without being quite ashamed? We are paying a fortune for some english speaking channels, and have now seen the same episode of 4 different sitcomes 6, yes 6, times in the past 6 months. Especially annoying when you know there are 7 or 8 series of these shows available. "Welcome to my gracious drawing room."

Day 331.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Day 330: Oh well, yesterday was good!

Day 329: So this is what it feels like. Did a huge and satisfactory session of German study, went to gym, walked the dog, ate fruit and veg till it was coming out my ears. What a hero!

Day 328.

Monday, January 01, 2007

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Day 327: New Year's Day. 2007. I can remember at age 7 or 8, Mum worked out that in the Year 2000 I would be 33 years old. I burst into tears, not at fear of aging, but at the enormity of time and the extent that things can and must change (putting a very grown up interpretation on it now). Today Y2K is ancient history, and for that matter so is the concept of 15 months till the big four oh! It is four months and 9 days now till the big four oh and becoming more oh my gawd every minute. I wonder if there is artisitic curiosity in a photo blog that shows how someone can maintain their weight at 20kg above what is desirable, for an entire 15 months? More value added if it's the 15 months leading up to their 40th birthday?
Anyway, its now afternoon on the first of January and I have not smoked, drunk alcohol, or done many other VERY bad things that people do. I have spoken to 2 people, one and a half of these conversations was in German. I have eaten one portion of fruit, and drunk much water. I WOULD have already gone to the gym, but the brief flash of sunshine that appeared in the morning rapidly turned into a freakish torrential rain storm so I am still at home. Blog done, homework begun.

Day 326: New Year's Eve. Looking dare I say it quite cool and neary swarthy! No doubt something like this will make my fans swoon when printed on the back cover of my cult novels...

Day 325: I've got one word to say to you Kimmie (not Kimi), Arty Farty. I hoped the camera would shoot me through the blue bottles, but alas not. Oh well. I look much the same today.

Day 324: At the new computer on the new computer desk! My new work station where marvelous things will happen, creativity wise. Meanwhile I am being a luddite again trying to navigate this new bloggger format. Why oh why can't things just stay the same, well at least the good things and or things I can work out!

Day 323: Happy Birthday Mum.