Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Day 230: Back online after a week without internet. While I didn't freak out and feel isolated from all I know and love, it was annoying. Especially as the "help"desk people at the server company gave us a new version of the problem every day, which of course they were making up as they went along. What seemed the most obvious thing to do, which in the end was done, took a mere 3 minutes to undertake. Grrrr. On the upside, when we got back online we discovered we had sold some items on Ebay for 150euro, which was exciting for exactly 2.5 hours, at which point we discovered we have to pay 700euro to get the car repaired! Oh well. Even if I'll never be rich, at least I'm thin and beautiful. Oh wait. Bugger.

Day 229: Some form of epiphany regarding irregular verbs in prateritum form!

Day 228: Ich mache gern meine deutch hausausgabe.... oder??

Day 227: Yet another image at the window. Is the light the attraction or is there some deeper psychological force at work?

Day 226: Checking out a birthday party for the neighbours over the lane. A Hausfrau's work is never done!

Day 225: ...although it did seem to attract the attentions of alien beings.

Day 224: Fortunately the wind didn't change direction while I took this photo.

Day 223.

Day 222.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Day 221: Eine Hausfrau's work is never done!
Now I'll have to concentrate more as the number of posts isn't the same as the days, but what the hey. At least i won't be rated a spammer in my own blog world, and come the big trip to Oz, it may make things a lot easier. I wonder what happens when I'm zipping over the dateline?

Day 220.

Day 219: Same shirt and almost same pose as Day 198 (I think it was). Spooky. This used to be my favourite t shirt. I cost $5 at Woolies at Town Hall, I bought it one day when I had forgotten my clothes for gym when I worked in the city. The last year another red tshirt turned everything, well, red, and so I had to put most of my clothes through a rinse of colour remover. It certainly worked well with the old fave tshirt, ALL the colour was removed!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Day 218: 15 seconds of my face in the dark.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Day 217: Well, I think I have reached my desired body shape at last... how ironical that I can only achieve this pacifically in the Cologne Chocolate Museum! The text down the side says "chocolate makes you beautiful". Sadly there is another mirror next to it that says "chocolate makes you fat". Lets just say I wasn't the only one who spent 5 mins in front of "beautiful", and 2 seconds in front of "fat"!

Day 216: Me and both halves of the "better half".

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Day 215: A very kind and generous friend commented I was looking "svelte" in recent photos... Perhaps, in the same way a patent leather beanbag is "stylish"!

Day 214: I had it in my mind to say "what a difference 25 years makes!" until I realized it was THRTY five years..... not so 'hilarious!'

Day 213.

Day 212.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Day 211. Not a good week to be an Aussie Legend....

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Day 210: No tricks, this is how I really looked today. Zsulf to you too!

Day 209: Yay, up to date again - well up to yesterdate. I must start doing this daily again so I don't have a build up when they do eventually grant me human status again. Meanwhile, no other news. Have been back in the swing of my gym routine so feeling fitter for that. Having lots of thoughts about Christmas Puddings, and thinking I will take the plunge (Boom Tish) and do the full old fashioned boiled version this year. The microwave version was ok for what it was, and certainly no one else here has any inkling as to what a Christmas Pudding is, let alone how it ought to taste, but lets go the full monty.

Day 208.

Day 207.

Day 206: Today's code - xmwqvois. Yes, you may be wondering why, when its annoying me so much, I am choosing to type the bloody thing an extra time. Good question, I will stop now!

Day 205. The code for day 205 is niucdwwl. They seem to be getting longer as time goes by, and the fonts more complicated!

Day 204: Gawd ducks vis ain arff doin my ead in. Because I got behind with my daily postings and posted 9 entries at once last time and now I'm ashamed to say 14 in one go, the Blogger programme thinks I am a spammer so have installed a verification system I have to fill out before I can post, unlike the one I can turn off for comments. They will only remove it when a "human person" logs on and views the blog to verify its a roolly trooly blog.

But hey, nice to find out there are a few other people watching the blog, that the community is a bit bigger than I thought. Will have to spend more time doing the blog again and let the shop take care of itself. Did I mention the shop? Still no sales to the general public but it makes no never mind. I think the horrifying thing about this blog is not that it reveals me as a lazy chocoholic who has not lost any weight, but that it shows me as quite an impatient person, which I hadn't really acknowledged before. "I want everything, and I want it now!"

The code for Day 204 is qyrfmcv.

Day 203: A reflection of me in the frame of an arty photo of my parents' house on the other side of the world. Quite a nice conjunction of themes no?

Day 202. As requested, another inclusion of the wonder dog, but as usual out of focus due to frenetic playfullness. That's me in the corner (that's me in the Spot Light!)

Day 201. A Fat Odyssey.

Day 200! woo hoo!

Day 199.

Day 198.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day 197: I don't think I have the energy to upload the rest now! So, still fat, not thin, but at least STILL 39!

Day 196: SO I got a bit behind in posting my daily photos so now I'm a SPAM blogger?? PLEASE TURN OFF THIS ANNOYING VERIFICATION THING! I AM A PERSON AS YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE! Its not as if anyone else reads this apart from Elaine and Lizzie!
Sheesh! :-)